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Migrant Education

Shelly Hammons
Coordinator - CO



Migrant Education is an agricultural education-based program for “highly mobile students.”  Congress authorized the program in 1965 and the first programs in Kentucky began in 1966. 

Migrant Education is a federally funded, state-administered education program for eligible children ages 3 – 21.  Children qualify on the basis of moving with or to join parents or guardians who are seeking or working in temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture and fishing.

Daviess County Migrant Education Program is designed to help migrant children, who are uniquely affected by the combined effects of low-income, language and cultural barriers and the migratory lifestyle, to meet the same challenging academic achievement standards that are expected of all children.

Some of the services for eligible migrant students include:  free tutoring services, scheduling of medical appointments, assistance with school supplies and clothing, intersession and summer activities, and migrant students qualify for free lunches.



  1. Have you or your family moved from one town or school district to another within the state or out-of-state within the past three years?
    Yes or No
  2. Did the children in your family move with you or join you at a later date? 
    Yes or No
  3. During the last three years, did you or your family obtain temporary seasonal work in farming or agricultural work? 
    Yes or No

        Some examples of agricultural jobs are:

  • Working on a farm
  • Working in tobacco (preparing plant beds, setting, chopping, cutting, or stripping tobacco)
  • Working in a plant nursery or greenhouse
  • Working in a processing plant
  • Working on a poultry farm
  • Working with beef cattle
  • Picking fruits or vegetables
  • Milking cows
  • Tree growing or harvesting

If you can answer YES to all the questions above, your children may qualify for the benefits of the Migrant Education Program.


Please contact the Migrant Education Office.

Gabriela Martinez - Migrant Recruiter
Cell Phone #270-231-3943
Office #270-852-7000 ext. 10235


Suki Turner - Migrant Advocate
Office #270-852-7000 ext. 10235
Cell #270-314-2307


Anita Weidemann - Migrant Recruiter/Advocate
Office #270-852-7000 ext. 10235
Cell #270-316-0322

Anna Key - Migrant Advocate
Office #270-852-7000 ext. 10235


Shelly Hammons, Federal Program Coordinator
270-852-7000 ext. 10252


The Daviess County Public Schools district prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital or parental status, political affiliations or beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, disability, or limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions in its employment practices, educational programs and activities, and provides equal access to its facilities to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.