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Last Updated: 7/11/2018 3:19 PM
Tina Gerteisen - Preschool Coordinator

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1. Students may be allowed to transport small items to and from school, provided they are transported in a sealed bag of some type. Loose items will not be allowed on school buses.

2. No eating or drinking on the bus at any time.

3. Glass items are not allowed on the bus at any time.

4. Pets and animals are not permitted on the bus at any time.

5. Students are not to extend arms, legs, or head out of the bus.

6. Students must obey the bus driver and bus monitor.

7. Students must remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.

8. Students will be seated in the mid section of the bus.

9. Students may talk quietly to friends while on the bus.

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Preschool Procedures.


1.   I.D. Cards     Three I.D. Cards will be issued to Parents/gaurdians by the preschool teacher for the identification and protection of our preschoolers. Persons picking up children from the bus monitors must have the I.D. Card visible to the drivers and monitors before the preschooler will be released to that person. Only an adult will be allowed to pick up preschoolers from the bus monitors. All adults must be on the Enrollment/Emergency Card. If an unfamiliar adult is at the bus stop, he/she will be required to show a valid picture I.D. in addition to being listed on the Enrollment/Emergency Card.

2. Hand-To-Hand Contact
     To assure your child's safety, the childs hand must be held at all times when getting on and off the bus.

     Transportation of preschoolers is not mandated by state regulations, however, Daviess County Public Schools does provide this service to all preschoolers.
There are rules which must be followed in order to receive transportation services. If a student fails to comply with the bus rules and causes a safety concern, he/she may lose bus privileges. The following procedures will be implemented:

     1st Offense: Parent/Guardian will be contacted by school personnel ( Ex. bus driver, teacher, or principal) concerning the problem.

     2nd Offense: Parent/Guardian will receive a written report of the violation. The child will lose bus privileges for three (3) days, with the parent/guardian making arrangements for transportation to and from school.

     3rd Offense: Parent/Guardian will receive a written report of the violation. The preschooler will not be allowed to ride the bus until the parent/guardian attends a meeting with a transportation representative, principal, or preschool coordinator.





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